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Graduation Rate On The Rise

Florida Graduation Rates are Released:

The Florida Department of Education has released the graduation rates for 2015-16. Franklin County’s graduation rate was at a four year high at 72.6%. The district is proud of the Franklin County PK-12 School staff and their efforts to increase the graduation rate. They have instituted an early warning system that helps identify students at risk of not graduating within four years. The team reviews data monthly to ensur that student do not fall through the cracks. Multiple means are used to be sure parents/guardians are aware of the graduation requirements and the status of their student.

The graduation team is responsible for reviewing grades, attendance, referrals and assessment history for every student in grade 12. These team members meet regularly with at risk students to review their grades, credits, discuss options for assessments, and the preparation the student may need prior to the assessment.

As we look to the future and an ever increasing graduation rate, we will be developing teams to review the data for every 9th -12th grade student at Franklin County PK-12 School. We encourage parents/guardians to call the school to provide updated contact information so these team members can make contact when needed. You are an important part of this graduation rate increase and we cannot continue to improve this rate without your help.

Franklin County’s four year graduation rate:

2011-12                2012-13                2013-14                2015-16

  59.0%                  58.8%                   69.9%                   72.6%