Franklin County School Board

  • Franklin County School Board

    Board Members: Mr. Jared Mock, Mr. Fonda Davis, Mrs. Melonie Inzetta, 

    Superintendent Steve Lanier, Mrs. Pamela Marshall, Mr. Stacy Kirvin 

    (Left to right)

     We believe that:

    • All students have the right to a safe, healthy, and nurturing school environment.
    • Students, family, school, and community share in the responsibility of education.
    • All students have the capacity to learn and become productive citizens.
    • A wide range of opportunities and a well-balanced, rigorous, and engaging curriculum will lead to an educated community.
  • Regularly scheduled Board workshops are at 5:00 p.m. on the 3rd Monday of every month, and regular meetings are at 5:00 p.m. on the 4th Thursday of each month.  All workshops and meetings are held in the Willie Speed Board Room, 85 School Road, Eastpoint, Florida  32328, unless otherwise noticed.

    In accordance with Florida's Sunshine Law, all meetings are open to the public, except Executive Sessions.

    The School Board may also schedule Public Hearings as needed and these are open to the public and allow for public participation on a particular issue before the School Board takes formal action.

    The meetings will be advertised on our website and available to the public via Zoom at

Board Members

  • Stacy Kirvin, Chair
    Pam Marshall, Vice Chair
    Fonda Davis, Sr.
    Melonie Inzetta
    Jared Mock
    Steve Lanier, Superintendent
    For more information, please contact Patty Ward, Executive Assistant, at phone #850-670-2810, Ext. 4120, or by email at

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District 1

  • Mrs. Melonie Inzetta
    M.Inzetta Photo

    Contact Info:
    Phone: (770) 262-1762

District 3

  •  Mr. Fonda Davis, Sr 

    SB Contact Info:                                      Email:                                       Phone: (850) 370-6437 


District 5

  • Mr. Jared Mock     
    J.Mock Photo


    Contact Info:
    Phone: (850) 370-6104

District 2

  • Mrs. Pamela Marshall, V. ChairP. Marshall Photo


    Contact Info:
    Phone: (850) 899-5324

District 4

  • Mr. Stacy Kirvin, Chair
    S.Kirvin Photo

    Contact Info:
    Phone: (850) 653-5243




    The School Board of Franklin County envisions a dynamic collaborative multicultural community where education and lifelong learning are valued and supported, and all learners reach their highest potential. Our Board is committed to the success of our students, teachers, staff and our school system. Email the Board with any suggestions, comments, or questions you have regarding the Franklin County School District: Email: