• Our Character Counts The FCS KG-7 Guidance Dept. has launched a new character education program that consists of a monthly theme. Each theme reinforces good character choices and is being infused into the classroom and school culture. Each month, Mrs. Sherry Ware, K-7 Guidance Counselor, visits all classrooms to provide a lesson based on the current character trait.  We also have school-wide programs that compliment our monthly trait. At the end of each month all of our hard work in character development will be celebrated at our Citizen of the Month Ceremony.  Each class will choose a "citizen" who has shown growth or consistently demonstrated the monthly trait. We have partnered with our PTO to provide a special achievement ribbon & goodies to these students.

    The Guidance Dept has also implimented "caught using manners" which means that students who were "caught" receive a special Caught Being Good Coin to which they can redeem a special treat from Mrs. Ware. 

September: Courtesy

  • In September students learned about COURTESY.  In kindergarten we read Manners at School by Carrie Finn.  We also learned about becoming a peacemaker.  If you see a kindergartner flash you a "peace sign" that's our signal that they are a "peace maker"!  In grades 1-3, we read the book, The Day My Mom Came To Kindergarten, by Maureen Fergus and Mike Lowrey.  This story had a fun twist!  In grades 4-5 we read the book, What If Everybody Did That? by Ellen Javernick. This was followed by a card sort game. Finally, 6th graders had a lesson on DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP which focus on using manners on the internet and social media, with a focus on cyberbullying and being an "upstander".