Franklin County School District offers all courses needed for ESOL endorsement. Each course is taught in an online format.  In order to take advantage of these courses:

    • You must hold a Florida teaching certificate and be employed as a teacher with Franklin County School District.
    • Courses may be taken in any order.
    • All 5 ESOL courses are needed to complete the full 300 – hour ESOL endorsement.
    • Sign up for courses in ePDC on the PAEC website.
    • ESOL classes needed:
      Methods of Teaching ESOL
      2. ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development
      3. Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
      4. Applied Linguistics
      5. Testing and Evaluation of ESOL

    If you have any questions regarding ESOL endorsement courses, contact Nick O’Grady with Professional Development @850-670-2810 x4110.