• Welcome to the Guidance Office!Seahawk

    Our mission is to assist your child and their teachers in facilitating Franklin County School's mission statement and goals for every student. 

    We would like to invite you to come in and get to know us and our services. You may come by school or call during "teacher hours" and make an appointment with us. You don't need to wait until you have a problem or a particular reason! We hope that, together, we can lay a good foundation for future success and achievement by making your child's years at Franklin County School a happy and rewarding learning experience.

    Meet Our Team:

    • Lacey Hamm - Guidance Counselor, KG-7th
    • Melanie Copeland- Guidance Counselor, 8th-12th
    • Sonja Buffkin- Data Entry Clerk 8th-12th
    • Joy Towns- Data Entry Clerk KG-7th
    • Virginia Tillman- Attendance/Truancy

    A legal parent and/or guardian will need to visit the District Office to initiate the student enrollment process. A birth certificate, copy of child's shot record, proof of residency and transcripts are required for all new students in addition to a completed registration packet. New students will then be scheduled to meet with a member from our guidance department the following day to receive schedule and classroom information. Please visit New Student Enrollment for details. 


    Students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who are making their initial entry into a Florida school must present a record of a physical examination completed within the past 12 months. The exam record should be taken to the child's school upon enrollment. Although a specific form is not required, it is recommended that Florida's standardized School Entry Exam form (DH 3040) be used to document completion of a physical examination. It must be completed by a health care provider licensed to perform physical examinations. For students transferring to a Florida school, a comparable form from another state would be acceptable, if completed within 1 year.


    As parents, it is your responsibility to assure your child/children have regular, timely attendance. However, if a child is not in his/her classroom at the sound of the tardy (second) bell, he/she must check in at the Front Office before reporting to class. Also, if your child(ren) are chronically absent, tardy, or picked up early, notices may be sent from the Attendance Office in accordance with Franklin County School Board policies and FL statutes. Upon your child's return to school, send a hand-written note as to the reason for the absence.  If your child was seen by a doctor, please send the doctor's note.


    All medications must be registered with the School Health Clinic. If your child is to take medication at school, an authorization form must be on file in the clinic naming the drug and the physician who prescribed the medicine, phone number of the physician, amount and times medication is to be given and the health condition requiring the medication. Students will not be permitted to take medication without a completed authorization form (including inhalers). The medicine is to be brought to school in the original container and kept in the clinic. Over the counter medications must be unopened. 

    Students are not allowed to keep medication in lockers, desks, purses, etc., or on their person. Parent/Guardian must bring the authorization form and the medication to the clinic. Schedule medication for times other than school hours if possible. For any questions pertaining to medication please contact the school health clinic @ 850-670-2800 ext. 1219