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    The following is a description of the budget publications currently available:

    • Budget Amendments:  Budgeted expenditures are controlled at the function/object level (the purpose of an expenditure and what was purchased or the services obtained). If there are changes to the spending plan that will exceed the budget as it was originally adopted at the function/object level, budgets are amended accordingly by resolution at any School Board meeting.
    • District Budget:  Each year the district prepares a budget that serves as the financial operating plan for the fiscal period.  The annual budget is funded by a combination of property taxes and other sources such as state appropriations, federal and local revenue.  The proposed and tentative budget are the same.  
    • Expenditure Reports:  To provide transparency and demonstrate how the district utilizes taxpayer dollars, monthly financial reports are provided to the School Board at its regular business meeting.
    • Five Year Capital Plan: The Five Year Capital Plan is a forecast of the districts capital needs (construction, maintenance, and renovation) for the succeeding five year period.
    • Presentations: The budget process includes public hearings and budget work sessions in which detailed financial data is presented to the School Board and the community.
    • School Financial Report: In accordance with Section 1010.215(5), Florida Statute (F.S.), school districts shall report certain financial information in the form of a school financial report as part of the annual school public accountability report required pursuant to sections 1001.42(18) and 1008.345, F.S.
    • Superintendent's Monthly Financial Report:  In accordance with SBE Rule 6A-1.008, Florida Administrative Code, at least monthly the Superintendent of Schools shall submit a financial statement for use and consideration of the District School Board.   
    • Truth In Millage Advertisements:  As a taxing authority, school districts are required to comply with Florida Statutes which govern the Truth-In-Millage process. The advertisements include information pertaining to property tax millage rates.

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