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Public Records

The records management team is firmly committed to excellence in all areas of records management services. Our goal is to efficiently create, manage, and retain all records to meet all legal, financial, auditing, administrative, research, and historical needs of Franklin County School District.

Public Records Requests

Public Information Requests should be made through the Public Relations Office.

Requests can be made:

  • in person at 85 School Road, Suite One, Eastpoint, FL 32328; 
  • by calling 850-670-2810;
  • by faxing to 850-670-8579; or 
  • by sending an e-mail.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes 119.07(4) copying costs, service fees, and/or labor charges may apply.

Subpoenas for employment or student records should be directed to Jennifer Leach in Employment Services, 85 School Road, Suite One, Eastpoint, FL 32328, 850-670-2810 ext. 4101.