Franklin County School District

  • Franklin County School District Media highlights student success, faculty & staff achievements, events, and school-wide announcements and/or emergencies. Here are a few ways to stay up with the latest Seahawk Nation News: the newly launched newsletter for FCS (internal), our website, download our App for automated messages and calls, follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube. Franklin County School Admin. also communicates by the intercom for morning announcements, posting flyers around the school, teachers use Remind messages, admin. hosts parent-teacher meetings (if necessary).  If you would like to change the status of your child's permission to be included in our publications, please reach out to our data entry specialists at 850-670-2800. Our elementary specialist, Joy Towns, can be reached at ext. 3103 & Sonja Buffkin (6-12th graders) at 3105. 

  • Employee

    Morgan Martin, FCSD Chief Information Officer 

    850-670-2810 Ext. 4111

    Click here to send her an email.

    If you would like your content featured in our online gallery, need coverage or would like events and/or announcements publicized on our platforms, please reach out to her.