• An exceptional student as defined in Rules 6A-6.03011 through 6A-6.03031, FAC, means any child or youth who requires special instruction or related services and is enrolled in or eligible for enrollment in the public schools of a district.

     An exceptional student includes any exceptional child or youth enrolled in or eligible for enrollment in an educational program operated by the Department either directly or through grants or contractual agreement, pursuant to Section 230.23(4)(n), Florida Statutes.

    The Department, grantee or contractor shall operate special programs for exceptional students consistent with all State Board of Education rules for special programs for exceptional students contained in Chapter 6A-6,FAC.


    • Parent Webinar on Accommodations: Parents and guardians are valuable team members for determining effective accommodations. The Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System Administration announces a one-hour webinar entitled, “Parent Webinar on Accommodations for Students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Section 504 Plans.” Students with disabilities use accommodations to increase, maintain or improve academic performance. This informational webinar will provide an overview of the four categories of accommodations and descriptions of common examples of each category. This webinar will be on February 25, 2020, and a morning session (10:00 a.m., EST) and an evening session (7:00 p.m., EST) are being offered. To register for the morning session, go to https://impact.fdlrs.org/x/events/view/?id=332&pw=8e0267f5 and to register for the evening session, go to https://impact.fdlrs.org/x/events/view/?id=337&pw=adc4d31b. For more information, see the attached document. For questions, contact Shannon McCosker at mccoskers@nefec.org. • Filename: Parent Accommodations Webinar Flyer 2020  
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