Inspire from our hearts, 
    Lead with humility, 
    Soar with pride


    To create an educational atmosphere that inspires students to reach their maximum potential through the love of learning and the development of responsible citizenship, while providing an appropriate education that results in success for all students. 


    To inspire our students, our colleagues, and ourselves to soar with pride in our daily endeavors, offering the best of ourselves at every opportunity, and to lead with humility, understanding that our greatest accomplishments lie in working together to achieve excellence. To accomplish our mission, we will seek and provide visionary leadership, focus our decisions and activities to provide the maximum learning opportunities for each student and employ sound fiscal management practices. Our mission will be realized in the context of a safe, nurturing and positive environment that values the contributions and needs of individuals while working effectively with our Board, staff, parents, and community to achieve our shared vision of a brighter tomorrow for our students. 


    • Education is the combined responsibility of students, parents, schools and community.
    • Open and honest communication is essential.
    • Education must be a priority of society.
    • Education must be flexible and diverse.
    • Visionary leadership and sound management are essential.
    • Education should promote responsible citizenship and ethical behavior.
    • Involvement improves education.
    • Education should provide a safe, healthful, nurturing enviroment.
    • All individuals have dignity and self-worth.
    • All individuals can learn.
    • Education is the key to successful living.
    • Learning is a life-long process.