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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a volunteer for The Franklin County School! We are so glad that you're here and eager to provide assistance in making not only a positive impact on our School District but an impact on our children of Franklin County. Below you will see a list of items of current volunteer opportunities. Please note: this will change daily. If you have any ideas you would like to bring to our attention, please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Laurel Fry. 



Student Assistance:

1. Help in the general classroom

2. Read in small groups in libraries or classrooms (Possibly create a Volunteer Literacy Council)

3. Assist with science labs and experiments

4. Tutor for all grades, especially in math

5. Mentor to assist with college applications, interviewing, grooming, etc.

6. Photographer to capture student performance (demonstrating reading, speech-making, other skills)

 7. Videographer of virtual “field trips” to local sites or events that students might not have seen 8. After-school program assistance: Help with homework, instruction, tutor etc.

Administrative Support: 

1. Organize and deliver mail

2. Prepare, copy and deliver instructional materials

3. Organize clothing in the clothes closet

4. Proctor Spring state-required assessments (training provided to volunteers)

5. Provide handwork and maintenance of landscape beds on school grounds

6. Book purging in the library

7. Help organize the library/stock new inventory

8. Donate to school/teacher supplies (pencils, notebooks, erasers)

9. Donate to classroom treasure chests (toys for small kids)

Grounds Beautification:           

1. Beautify the campus and/or athletic fields

2. Donate supplies


1. Concession stand workers

2. Equipment (as directed by the athletic director)

Volunteer Coordinator

Contact: Laurel Fry 

Phone:  850-670-2810 Ext. 4128



National Volunteer Month takes place in April. Though, your dedication and support are greatly appreciated all year long.