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GED Testing Instructions

GED Testing Instructions

For anyone seeking to take your GED Test and obtain a State of Florida Diploma, the following information may be helpful.


To take the GED test, you must present a valid government -issued and non-expired identification. The ID must include the examinee’s name, address, date of birth, signature and photograph.




  • How do I register to take the test?

Create an account at

Check schedule test and follow the directions.


  • What is the passing score?

At least 145 for each subject area. Higher scores are possible.


  • How much does it cost?

Each of the four subjects is $32.00, the complete test is $128.00 We do not recommend taking all 4 tests on the same day.


  • How long is the test?




Mathematical Reasoning

150 minutes

Language Arts

115 minutes


90 minutes

Social Studies

70 minutes




  • How do I get my scores?

Scores are found at and are usually available within 3–24 hours after taking the test. You will also be notified via email when your scores are ready for viewing. In case you need to retest, a detailed score report to see what skills you need to develop will also be available.


  • What if I don’t pass?

If you do not pass one test, you can retake that section at a reduced cost of $12.00. After the third attempt, you must wait 60 days to retake that subject.






Accommodation is available for students with documented disabilities. You must submit your request for accommodation at the time of your online registration with the GED Testing Service.