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Administration Surprises the 5's

Principal Jill Rudd and Assistant Principal Rob Wheetley made several stops throughout the district this summer to congratulate students who scored a level 5 on the FSA. The FSA (Florida Standard's Assessment) is a statewide assessment given to students in grades 3-10. This assessment is used to measure student's learning gains and proficiency levels. Parents and students were happy to see the administrators and several that were home proudly posed for a picture. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, parents of Jonathan Jones commented, "I love how our school is working in the summer helping to boost the self-esteem of its students."
Seventeen students in grades 3-10 scored a level 5 on their FSA with multiple students scoring a level 5 in more than one tested subject. Principal Rudd would like to give a huge shout out to all our students for doing their best on the assessment and added, "Our teachers go above and beyond every day to make sure the students are engaged, learning, and understanding all the material that is presented to them throughout the course of the year."  She plans to continue this tradition and has already purchased signs for next year. "We are committed to providing all students with a quality education," she stated. "Thank you to all our parents and guardians for all your support and taking the education of your child seriously."
FCS Students who received a level 5 on the FSA
Camille Davis, Lilly Dorman, Lucy Edwards
Shyn-Adam Faircloth, Brianna Holton, Brycin Huckeba
Alondra Jiminez, Jonathan Jones, Cade Juno, Hollie Larkin
Troy McKenzie, Katie Newman, Marina O'Neal, Sienna Polous,
Tyler Rainwater, Sheyanne Russell, Marlee Tucker
Polous Scores a 5 Faircloth Scores a level 5