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Florida Office of Safe Schools Visits Franklin

On Tuesday, August 21st the Director of Safe Schools for the state of Florida, Mr. Damien Kelly, made a visit to Franklin County. He made stops at the Franklin County School and the District Office which now houses both the Alternative and PreK programs. Mr. Kelly shared his insights from visiting a number of other schools across the state with Superintendent Traci Moses, Security Specialist Rob Wheetley and Coordinator of Facilities & Transportation Bud Strange. 

Mr. Kelly toured both sites and spoke with staff members about security concerns. As he walked the campuses he offered some best practices that he has seen in other districts throughout Florida, but was impressed with the District’s plan to harden both campuses since the passing of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Act. 

Both campuses can expect new fencing and additional means of communication in the upcoming weeks.  If you have any school security concerns you can contact Mr. Wheetley at 670-2810 x4161.