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Breakfast in the Classroom

Franklin County KG-12 launches Breakfast in the Classroom for the 2018-19 school year. Elementary students will now arrive at school and report directly to their classrooms. Students will Breakfast in the Classroom unpack their breakfast meals from hot and cold coolers that have been delivered by the Food Service Staff. As we enter the second month of school, students, teachers and parents are buzzing about the new procedure and school administration remains optimistic. 

Teachers and staff were introduced to the idea during preplanning as they discussed the goals and logistics of restructuring the breakfast routine. Dr. Summers, Director of Special Programs, spoke of the instructional time that is lost in the travel to and from the cafeteria as well as the opportunity for a calmer start to the day. Mrs. Hilton, Director of Food & Nutrition was also present during the meeting and reassured the staff that her department would fully support this new initiative stating, "We will do whatever it takes to give students the academic work time they need." 

Mrs. Miedona, Assistant Principal has visited several classrooms to see how the new breakfast schedule was going and received positive feedback from both teachers and students. Below are just a few of their responses:

Ms. Turner, 6th grade Math teacher said, “I like ensuring that every one of my students eats breakfast each morning.”

First-grade teacher, Mrs. Hanks said, “I love it! Breakfast in the classroom sets the tone for the day. Students are calm and there is no chaos.

1st-grader George chimed in and said, “I like it because there are not a lot of people yelling!”

Second-grade teacher, Mrs. Joyner said, “I have routines set up in my classroom each morning. Students have jobs assigned to pass out each breakfast item. When they finish, they throw away their trash and wipe their desk with a wipe.”

2nd grader Isabella said, “I like that I don’t have to start in the cafeteria and then walk to class in the morning.”

Mrs. Harden, a kindergarten teacher did talk about the “spills” that sometimes happen but appreciates how calm the students are and that is a nice way to start the day.

The overall consensus is that Breakfast in the Classroom is off to a positive start and as Mrs. Hilton stated, "Its a work in progress but we are up for the challenge." She stated throughout her visits to the classrooms that she received positive feedback as well as suggestions. The Food Service Department has since made adjustments in order for the new morning routine to run smoother. 

Breakfast in the classroom is a great example of the Seahawk Family working together to implement a new strategy for student success. Lucus a third grader, simply stated, "More like eating with my family. We stay seated, talk quietly and then get right to work when breakfast is over."

All FCS Menus are available on the website or through the MealViewer app. The Franklin County School Administration and Food Service Department welcomes your feedback on Breakfast in the Classroom and encourages you to talk with your child about the importance of a healthy breakfast.