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Habitats Displayed in the FCS Media Center

The month of September was a time of discovery for the FCS 2nd graders as they explored animal habitats. Students were instructed to select a specific habitat and the main animal living there and gather research. They also were required to find out what plants are natural to that environment and how other animals interact within the habitat. 

Once the research was conducted in class, the students brought their habitat to life in the form of a shoebox diorama with the help of their parents. Students were encouraged to use safe materials that could be found around the home to create a scenic representation of the habitat they chose. The last component of the project was to give an interesting and informative oral report to their classmates which counted as both a science and reading grade

The students did such a great job that teachers (Noble, Fogarty, Vause and Joyner) requested that the dioramas be displayed in the FCS Media Center for all to see. 

Congratulations on a job well done! 

Habitat 1  Habitat 2   Habitat 3