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Board Recognizes December Employees of the Month

The December Employees of the Month are Mrs. Cheyenne Hartzog representing FCS Elementary, Mrs. Julia Mathews FCS Secondary representative and Ms. Julianna Rtiz for the FCS support staff. 

Each month representatives are invited to the school board meeting and recognized for their dedication to the students of Franklin County and their hard work. 

Mr. Sneed, Principal of FCS read the following about each valued employee during his report.

Mrs. Hartzog (3rd Grade Teacher) was nominated by her peers and is recognized as being a strong but very kind team member. She works diligently to motivate all students, to redirect inappropriate behaviors that interfere with learning and strives to maintain position parent/teacher communication. 

Mrs. Mathews (High School Math Teacher) was nominated J.Mathews Photo by her peers and is described as a go-getter. She is constantly working hard to make sure students know the material. She is highly engaging and goes above and beyond to find ways to reach our students. She is very goal-oriented. 

Ms. Ritz (ParaProfessional) was nominated by her peers and is characterized as being extremely dependable resilient. Ritz Photo She doesn't allow obstacles to get in the way of performing her duties and always put our students first. Ms. Ritz is admired by many- students and faculty members alike. 

Upon receiving a gift basket from school administration, Ms. Ritz had these words to share:

I've traveled paths you've yet to walk
Learned lessons old & new
And now this wisdom of my life
I'm blessed to share with you

Let kindness spread like sunshine
Embrace those who are sad
Respect their dignity, give them joy
And leave them feeling glad

Forgive those who might hurt you
And though you have your pride
Listen closely to their viewpoint
Try to see the other side

Walk softly when you're angry
Try not to take offense
Invoke your sense of humor
Laughter's power is immense!

Express what you are feeling
Your beliefs you should uphold
Don't shy away from what is right
Be courageous and be bold

Keep hope right in your pocket
It will guide you day by day
Take it out when it is needed
When it's near, you'll find a way

Remember friends and family
Of which are a precious part
Love deeply and love truly
Give freely from your heart

The world is far from perfect
There's conflict and there's strife
But you still can make a difference
By how you live your life

And so I'm very blessed to know
The wonders you will do
Because you are my extended family
And I believe in you.

Congratulations to all employees!