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Celebrate Friendship Month

February is friendship month and as we prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day we hope to ignite a spark of kindness & friendship throughout Seahawk Nation.

As a restorative practice district, we encourage our students Students in Ms. MyIntyre's Class & staff to build positive, healthy relationships.  Through exercises such as "Circle Time" students & staff are creating, restoring, repairing & building relationships in an effort to create a better community within our school and for the future. 

Mrs. McIntyre's class shared a great example of their classroom tradition when putting "hands in" as theyHands In Photo work as a team. Students were challenged to complete a task as a group. Students countdown with all hands-in and say together "GO, TEAM". This tradition is to reinforce teamwork and to always remember to support & encourage each other. 

McIntyre's Class Ms. McIntyre says, "Stepping back to watch them work on a project without my help was a great moment."