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Superintendent Honors Retirees

As with the close of every school year, we have faculty and staff members that retire after many years of service to the school district; four very special employees made 2019-2020 Stanley.Retiree their final one. We cannot put into words the value of their service, dedication and hard work but wish to honor their contributions. Mrs. Terry Hilton at 30 yrs and Mrs.Barbara Shiver with 10 yrs of service. Celebrating over 30 years is Mrs. Angeline Stanley (32) & Mrs. EliHilton.Retiree ane Williams (36).

Each year the Superintendent & School Board Members take a moment to recognize our retirees that have dedicated their career to enriching the lives of our students.  

At the December Board meeting, retirees received a plaque & cheers from a small audience, due to COVID protocols, along with colleagues & community members who joined via Zoom.

Tremendous thanks and appreciation is extended to all the 2019-20 retirees. Shiver. Retiree They are all faithful employees and the Seahawk family has been richly blessed because of their devoted service. We wish them well as they soar off to the next phase of their lives.




* not pictured, Elaine Williams.