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Seahawks Take Flight With Drone Program

Students in Franklin County School's Unmanned Aerospace Systems (Drones) Program were treated to a chance to fly a new MAVIC Enterprise drone in class recently. The Enterprise is a larger version of the MAVIC Mini drone that students have been flying since the class began in the fall semester.
Through a partnership with Triumph and the Unmanned Safety Institute, FCS students are able to learn to fly these drones along with various other types of drone aircraft. 
Students in the program have the opportunity to earn two important certifications necessary for success in the industry: UAS Safety Certification: Level 1 (SCL1) and the Visual Line of Sight (VLSO).

There is an added bonus for students who earn their SCL1 credentials. For every student who achieves this certification the Unmanned Safety Institute will pay for them to take their FAA 107 License. The FAA 107 License allows a person to be a drone pilot.
In addition to the credentials students can earn before they ever leave high school, the drone program gives students the chance to log 'flight time' through the Zephyr flight simulation program. The program tracks the number of times students spend flying and logs their time for experience.
To find out how you can enroll in the UAS (Drone) Program, contact Coach Todd or Mr. Hughes.