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Math, Measurements & Real World Application

In honor of Math Awareness Month we would like to recognize our Math Department which math team strives to prepare our students for college and the workplace. Our teachers pay close attention to each course curriculum from the elementary to highschool level and collaborate to deliver rigorous instruction in every classroom. They challenge our students to persevere and excel at mathematics as its importance in our daily lives becomes more relevant each day. To compete in local and global economies, mathematics and mathematical modeling is critical for success.
Mr. Cochrane, our Algebra II teacher and Math Coach, has a teaching philosophy that has evolved over the years into a way of life with high standards and expectations as core components. He prepares innovative lessons and materials to maximize instruction while building critical teacher-student relationships that underpin pathways to student achievement. "It is not enough to believe that all students can learn; but to be successful, students must realize their fullest potential and have some fun along the way," states Cochrane. Mr. Cochrane is known to display a math challenge problem on his bulletin board and encourage his students to solve it. Rumor is, this activity has become a form of competition as students race to solve the multi-step, class related equations. 
In a recent liberal arts lesson students participated in a real-world activity that involved finding the surface area and volume of a prism. Students performed measurements and calculations, then determined which calculations were acceptable based on a predetermined statistical range of values. Lessons like these help students to understand that real-world results are never exact and should be evaluated using multiple determinations.
Math Department: Ms. Anderson, Mr.Cochrane, Ms. Murray, Mrs. Mathews
*Not pictured: Ms. Malcolm
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